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According to the Mexicas, the temazcal is to return to the maternal womb, presided over by such extraordinary energies as Tonantzin. She, our loving mother, concerned for the well-being of her children, receives us again in her womb - a microcosmic manifestation - to heal physical and spiritual diseases.

Healing properties of temazcal that scientific studies have show:

On the skin: It acts as a mechanism regulating the internal temperature of the body, allowing the elimination of accumulated toxins. In people who live in contaminated media and their pores are covered, temazcal stimulates the renewal of the skin because it favors the desquamation of the surface layer, active at the same time the formation of the acid mantle and protects from skin infections.

In the respiratory system: Mainly for problems like flu, bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis. When the temperature rises and the vapor is combined with the aroma of medicinal plants, a release of the respiratory tract occurs. There is an increase in blood flow, expelling accumulated toxins from the lungs and bronchi.

In the circulatory system: The temazcal causes an increase in blood circulation, dilating vessels and facilitating the expulsion of toxins and uric acid and cholesterol. So it is used to treat problems of diseases related to circulatory deficiencies.

In the nervous system: During the bath it produces a relaxing and stimulating effect of the organism, reason why it reduces problems of stress, insomnia, nervous tension, etc.

In the digestive system: It improves the intestinal activity, eliminating the fluids and fats to help to lose weight.

In the muscular apparatus: It improves the activity to prevent problems of sprains, blows, twists and inflammations.

For childbirth and postpartum: The traditional birth attendants used it as a preventive, curative and care delivery. Women used to bathe in the temazcal to women with medicinal plants, allowing the matrix to expand to make labor easier.

"The temazcal ceremony is a powerful moment in our lives, an opportunity to reconcile ourselves, with all our relationships, with life, with health, with strength, with our spiritual path, to stop and meet."


Temazcal Rates (Approximate duration: 2 hrs and 30 min)

Temazcal Rates Price
Private (2 people) $3,500.00 MXN
Group $600.00 MXN per person (5 people minimum to initiate the ceremonial)