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Fire pit and Grill
Family and friend celebrations
Fire pit and Grill

Make your barbecue or family reunion in our outside stove surrounded by the beautiful views offered by Loto Azul Hotel.

Fire pit

$500.00 MXN

(Includes 5 loads of firewood)
(Minimum 10 people)

Arrachera, chicken breast, salad bar, fish fillet, chorizo, charro beans, white rice, cambray onion, elote, potato, pork chop, roasted nopales, cambray potatoes with butter, roasted vegetables, spicy sauce, strudel of apple, ice cream of the house and jamaica water.

$650.00 MXN

(Price per person) (Taxes included)
(Minimum 10 people)

Spiced beef, bbq or wings, hot dog, mini hamburger, salad bar, beef skewer, roasted peppers, bbq ribs, strawberry mousse, house ice cream, and iced tea.

$580.00 MXN

(Price per person) (Taxes included)

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