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Hotel History

Hotel History

In the late 1970s, after a long search, Harish Johari, a tantric master from India, and the owner of the Hotel, found the site where Loto Azul Hotel is located today. The challenge was to find a magnetic place where an ashram could stand. Loto Azul is an ecological hotel surrounded by ornamental gardens located in the legendary Cerro de Otumba, in Valle de Bravo. It was built in a Hindu energy center, following the Feng-Shui philosophy, using natural materials such as wood, stones and quartz crystals.

Loto Azul Hotel is located in Valle de Bravo, a picturesque village with steep cobbled streets, adobe structures and red tile roofs.We are located in a Estado de México wooded area, approximately 90 minutes from Mexico City. Loto Azul Hotel is a charming oasis of tranquility for those who are looking for an encounter with nature.


The construction of the Hotel took many years. The criterion followed was inspired by respect for the natural environment of the land and vegetation; Was enriched with fruit trees and ornamental, which in some cases were part of the cottages. Only natural materials such as wood, adobe and stone were used. Quartz crystals were strategically embedded in the foundation to increase the uptake of magnetic polar energy.

Building Rules

There were rules to follow in the construction: the toilets were oriented to the north, mystic cardinal point; the beds were oriented to the south to take advantage of the natural flow of the planet. The consultation of the I-Ching and its application in the Feng-Shui determined the chromatic rhythm of the structures of the Hotel. Also, cotton, wool and other natural materials were integrated into the decoration.


This historic legacy allows us to offer our guests two universes united in a single space. Our highly trained staff will give you the attention you deserve, while enjoying a true encounter with nature, here in Loto Azul.

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